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Providing a new vista for technical breakthroughs across a variety of emergent applications.
GeneSense AI+
A pioneering endeavor in the industry, our synthesis of supremely efficient AI deep learning analytical algorithms with NGS technology holds significant implications.
It is consequential for emerging clinical applications such as NIPT, tumors, tNGS and early screening.
Flexible throughput


Faster detection
Lower cost
Higher Precision


High precision report


More tailored
More precise
StarSeq 100
the industry’s first high-throughput genetic sequencer equipped with AI deep learning algorithm technology
Flexible throughput
Higher precision
More intelligent
StarSeq 100
Who we are

GeneSense was founded in 2017 by Dr. Yan Mei, an expert in both NGS sequencing and CIS chip development. It boasts a core technology R&D team comprised of top talents in the industry, and it dedicated to contributing new driving forces to the exploration of genetic information using innovative gene sequencing technology. Based in Hong Kong, GeneSense has expanded its business from Hong Kong to the global , with its R&D and business coverage in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and many other regions around the world.

A team of top talents in the fields of both gene sequencing + semiconductor chip design


Number of team members


Percentage of R&D personnel


Master’s degree or above

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